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Joz Norris


Joz Norris

Writer. Actor. Comedian. Maker of Stuff.


Welcome to the website of writer, performer and fool Joz Norris. Make yourself at home! (No need to remove your shoes, we’re a shoes-on household, you do you). Here you can watch my films and videos, listen to my radio programmes and podcasts, read my news and essays, and delve into my archive of past projects.

For those who just want a quick update on what I’m currently up to,  I am presently:

  • Developing a brand new live show, You Wait. Time Passes, which is playing several comedy and arts festivals in 2024 ready for a full launch in 2025
  • Developing several scripted narrative comedy projects (one about happiness; one about parenthood and paths not taken; one about murder mysteries; one about an ice cream van)
  • Submitting my latest short film to film festivals and developing various other short-form projects
  • Co-writing an audio podcast project about a spooky island
  • Directing three live shows

Listen to Joz

Radio, Podcast & other audio things...

Great Job! - March 18th, 2024

Great Job!

Paradise Found - June 27th, 2023

Paradise Found

Sound Heap - February 10th, 2024

Sound Heap

The Comedians’ Comedian - August 29th, 2019

The Comedians’ Comedian

Past Projects

Welcome to the Archive! Here you can find out a bit more about every major project I’ve authored over the last 10 years, from live shows to short films to radio shows and so on. If you’re a long-time fan then maybe you’ll remember some of these! And if you’ve found my work more recently, then perhaps it’ll be interesting to go back and see what you’ve missed. Where possible, I’ve included links to be able to see the project itself. Enjoy!

The Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes

A weekly creative newsletter. The Tapes function as an interactive notebook/sketchpad exploring comedy, art, creativity, making stuff, etc.. Sign Up Below, or click for More Info.

Tape 139: Who Needs Truth?

Tape 139: Who Needs Truth?

Joz Norris • Thursday, May 16th, 2024

A few weeks ago I wrote this newsletter about the idea of writing about real people, with little idea that that subject was about to become a headline news story thanks to the brouhaha (never use that word, just wanted to use it, had a great time doing it, would recommend) arising from Richard Gadd’s Baby Reindeer. Just […]

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Tape 138: Notes From MachFest

Tape 138: Notes From MachFest

Joz Norris • Thursday, May 9th, 2024

I just got back from my third visit to Machynlleth Comedy Festival. I love MachFest. It reminds me of what the Fringe used to feel like. People watch each other’s work with curiosity and kindness and there’s none of the pressure or noise or creeping sense of comparison that has slowly made the Fringe into less of an […]

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Tape 137: You Wait. Time Passes.

Tape 137: You Wait. Time Passes.

Joz Norris • Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

I’m back again! Here we are! Here we go! Oh my goodness! Sorry these newsletters are becoming so much more sporadic than they once were – life happens, I suppose. But I went on holiday, if that helps, so I’m slowly getting better at remembering to fill my life with things other than work. I […]

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A weekly creative newsletter. The Tapes function as an interactive notebook/sketchpad exploring comedy, art, creativity, making stuff, etc.. More Info.

What People Say?


Beyond The Joke.

Totally brilliant.


Really does capture the spirit of creative Fringe comedy.

The Guardian.

Joyously silly.

The Evening Standard.

The Morning Star.

A skilful and thoughtful writer who fastidiously avoids boring or obvious choices and excels at being unselfconsciously daft.

TV Bomb.

A sort of absurdist Simon Amstell…seldom can half an hour have been so densely packed with meta comedy and existential…

The Guardian.

A comedy legend.

To Do List.

A brilliant show that is not short of ambition…it packs a terrific punch.

The Evening Standard.

Utterly unique, very weird and a wee bit wonderful.


Young Perspective.

A beautifully fully-fleshed depiction of the human experience.