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Directing Shows at EdFringe 2024

I’m directing TWO shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year! First, Edy Hurst’s Wonderfull Discoverie Of Witches In The Countie Of Himself, a comedy theatre show about the Lancashire witch trials, neurodiversity and the Vengaboys’ Party Album. Second, Cerys Bradley’s Queer Tales For Autistic Folk, an interactive choose-your-own storytelling show exploring the lands between the […]

Binned Off

Miranda Holms’s excellent, weird short film Binned Off is now out on Youtube! I play a guy trying to figure out what happened last night, and Roisin O’Mahony plays my date, who knows exactly what happened. It’s been screened at film nights including the Paddock and Mr Tibbs, and she’s made a really wonderful piece of odd […]


I’m back as Keir Starmer on Rosie Holt’s NonCensored this week, talking to Harriet and Colin Sense (Paul Dunphy) about the National Trust’s scones. Full disclosure, my internet connection was terrible for this recording so I’m not as involved in the debate as I’d have liked to have been, but that has been worked in […]

Comedian Gets Mugged While Filming Content

I didn’t have this on my 2024 bingo card! A collab with Andy Barr:

Sound Heap Series 2 Episode 4

I’m in TWO episodes of John-Luke Roberts’ Sound Heap this week! After the bonus live episode at the weekend, we’re back to the latest regular episode of Series 2, in which I play a man who lives in Centre Parcs. The episode also features Kemah Bob, Kieran Hodgson and many more, and you can listen to it […]

Bilal’s Britain

I tried my best to please my overlords at Just Stop Oil and help Bilal Zafar to understand our cause, but I fear I failed. Anyway, I think our interview may enlighten others. Please share it far and wide.

Sound Heap Live!

There’s a special live episode of Sound Heap from John-Luke Roberts featuring me, Bilal Zafar, Athena Kugblenu and Margaret Cabourn-Smith recreating such classic podcasts as Happy Meals, Happy Me With Nick Cave and Pranks With Full Consent. Give it your ears! You can listen to it here.

Amazing Prank!!!

Another dumb sketch, this one a collab with the amazing J0hn-Luke Roberts. Don’t worry, we’ve got no idea what it is either:

Upcoming Live Dates For New Show

This new show is going absolutely everywhere this year. Couple more dates to be announced, but here’s where you can catch it for now. Bath! Machynlleth! London! Berlin! See you there! Tickets aren’t on sale for Berlin yet, but if you live there then do put the date in your diary, it’d be lovely to […]

The Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes

A weekly creative newsletter. The Tapes function as an interactive notebook/sketchpad exploring comedy, art, creativity, making stuff, etc.. More Info.