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NonCensored – A Look Ahead To 2024

I was wrong, THIS is my final appearance on NonCensored for 2023, because I forgot this episode was being split into two. Here’s Keir Starmer on what he’s most looking forward to in 2024 (which we now know would probably be something to do with Thatcher, but we didn’t know that when we recorded this, […]

Two-Way Mirror

In lockdown I wrote this script about the problems with making art in order to feel seen. I teamed up with Stuart Laws, Turtle Canyon Comedy, Stevie Martin, Ali Brice and Lucy Pearman to turn it into a weird short film, and it’s finally out in the world! We really hope you enjoy it! Also […]

Eggbox Cast Additions

GIDDY with excitement to announce two final additions to the cast for Eggbox at Kings Place next week – the amazing Bec Hill and Tom Bell will be gracing us with their presence! Book your tickets before they’re gone! They’re available here and, as a reminder for those who aren’t up to speed, the evening […]

NonCensored – A Look Back On 2023

I’m back on NonCensored for one last time in 2023, looking back on Sir Keir Starmer’s highlight of the year, which is NOT the Barbenheimer double bill. It’s something even better. You can listen to the latest episode, co-starring Rosie Holt, Brendan Murphy, Eshaan Akbar, Sooz Kempner and William Sebag-Montefiore, here. Thanks to the gang […]

The Now Show

A delight, a thrill, a joy to be in tonight’s episode of the Now Show on BBC Radio 4, playing Johnson, Sunak, Clarkson, Professor Brian Cox, a Dalek and various other voices. You can listen to the episode, co-starring Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt, Gemma Arrowsmith, Fin Taylor and Ria Lina, here! Huge thanks to the […]

The Wonderfull Discoverie Of Witchcraft In The Countie Of Edy Hurst…R&D Part 2!

Huge congrats to Edy Hurst for another really successful week of R&D on The Wonderfull Discoverie Of Witchcraft In The Countie Of Edy Hurst, this time at Attenborough Arts Centre. I’m very proud to be directing this show and am loving watching it grow into something brilliant. Lovely as ever to work with collaborators Cerys […]

The Gargle

I’m back on the Gargle this week, this time with Kai Samra, discussing humanity’s rude opinion on the intelligence of rats and whether or not you can hide a hippo inside a sandwich. You can listen to the episode here!

Eggbox Cast

I promised an excellent cast for this show in December. Well here it is! Look how good it is! We’ve got a couple of wonderful actors who will be appearing elsewhere in other films being screened on the night, along with some other amazing guests coming specifically to read parts in the night’s new scripts […]

British Comedy Guide on Eggbox

Thanks to British Comedy Guide for this lovely piece on Eggbox, the film screening/script reading live showcase I’m organising at King’s Place in December. It’s going to be a night of really brilliant work, and there are some special guests yet to be announced, so do book your tickets today or I’ll come to your house […]


Due to real-life Rosie Holt being on holiday and therefore sadly only available to be a guest on her own podcast, this week’s episode of NonCensored is guest-hosted by yours truly as Sir Keir Starmer, trying his hand at a variety of popular podcast formats. Co-starring Brendan Murphy, Eshaan Akbar, Marek Larwood, Rosie Holt and produced by […]

The Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes

A weekly creative newsletter. The Tapes function as an interactive notebook/sketchpad exploring comedy, art, creativity, making stuff, etc.. More Info.