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New Showreel - May 2024 May 9th, 2024

I’ve updated my showreel! So, for those who like seeing short, context-free snippets of me acting in things (by which I guess I mean casting directors,) here it is. I hope you enjoy it (by which I guess I mean cast me in things):

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Binned Off - April 2024 April 9th, 2024

Miranda Holms’s excellent, weird short film Binned Off is now out on Youtube! I play a guy trying to figure out what happened last night, and Roisin O’Mahony plays my date, who knows exactly what happened. It’s been screened at film nights including the Paddock and Mr Tibbs, and she’s made a really wonderful piece of odd […]

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Dog House Selected at South London Shorts - January 2024 January 18th, 2024

Very happy to see Dog House celebrate its first week with its first official film festival selection – it’ll be screened at South London Shorts at the end of February! Really proud of the amazing feedback and reactions that have been coming in to this, and hope you all enjoy it. You can watch it here if […]

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Dog House is Out Today - January 2024 January 15th, 2024

DOG HOUSE is out today! We made this last year and we’re ready to share it with the world. We’re very proud of it and we hope you enjoy it. Frank has finally found somewhere to live but there’s just one problem – he has to behave. An absurdist comedy about loneliness, friendship and the […]

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Dog House Trailer - January 2024 January 3rd, 2024

DOG HOUSE will be out next week. Frank has found a solution to his problem finding somewhere to live. He just has to behave. Loved making this short and can’t wait for you all to see it. Written by me. Directed by Miranda Holms Shot by Matt Riley Starring Anna Leong Brophy, Nat Luurtsema, Tom Bell, […]

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Job Pig: Character Taster - December 2023 December 19th, 2023

In the end-of-year spirit of celebrating things, in 2023 I pitched a scripted series about Job Pig, a fictional indentured servitude/flexible working app in the mould of TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Taskr, etc, and a guy who becomes exploited by it despite being woefully incapable of completing any task ever. In the end, we didn’t end up […]

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Two-Way Mirror - December 2023 December 1st, 2023

In lockdown I wrote this script about the problems with making art in order to feel seen. I teamed up with Stuart Laws, Turtle Canyon Comedy, Stevie Martin, Ali Brice and Lucy Pearman to turn it into a weird short film, and it’s finally out in the world! We really hope you enjoy it! Also […]

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Eggbox Cast Additions - November 2023 November 27th, 2023

GIDDY with excitement to announce two final additions to the cast for Eggbox at Kings Place next week – the amazing Bec Hill and Tom Bell will be gracing us with their presence! Book your tickets before they’re gone! They’re available here and, as a reminder for those who aren’t up to speed, the evening […]

Eggbox Cast - November 2023 November 17th, 2023

I promised an excellent cast for this show in December. Well here it is! Look how good it is! We’ve got a couple of wonderful actors who will be appearing elsewhere in other films being screened on the night, along with some other amazing guests coming specifically to read parts in the night’s new scripts […]

British Comedy Guide on Eggbox - November 2023 November 6th, 2023

Thanks to British Comedy Guide for this lovely piece on Eggbox, the film screening/script reading live showcase I’m organising at King’s Place in December. It’s going to be a night of really brilliant work, and there are some special guests yet to be announced, so do book your tickets today or I’ll come to your house […]

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