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Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes

I write a (more or less) weekly newsletter about comedy, art, creativity and other stuff that floats through my mind. It has a really lovely engaged readership who I love exchanging ideas with. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s thoughtful, sometimes it’s just a place to provide creative accountability for a community of other makers! Do feel free to delve in and join us. The community is over at Substack, where you can subscribe to the newsletter and join the chat, but I’ve archived every issue here for the sake of completism.

Browse the 124 Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes below.

Tape 124: Elf On The Self

  • Tape 124: Elf On The Self

Warning – this newsletter has nothing to do with elves. But Christmas is coming, and it IS about selves, so the title was inevitable, really. Anyway. On we go. They got me onto The Now Show to pretend to be Jeremy Clarkson and a Dalek and Boris Johnson and Professor Brian Cox, among others. I had such […]

Tape 123: Deep Void

  • Tape 123: Deep Void

I was working in the cafe of a large public building. I had just met my dad for lunch. We had been trying to find an Italian restaurant we had eaten at a few years before, but it was no longer there, so instead we ate a fry-up at a very nice greasy spoon on […]

Tape 122: Filming Live Comedy Differently (Part II)

  • Tape 122: Filming Live Comedy Differently (Part II)

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. (This means “My apologies” in French). It has come to my attention that last week I used this newsletter to announce EGGBOX, a night of comedy short film screenings and script readings I’m organising at King’s Place in early December, and failed to actually specify in the body of the email what the […]

Tape 121 – Eggbox

  • Tape 121 – Eggbox

“I’m back!” he cried, tumbling out of his spaceship with gleeful abandon. “Did you miss me?” All around him, people were smashing in the windows of Games Workshop, of Curry’s, of Gregg’s, of Gwen’s Nails (a fancy nail parlour he didn’t remember being here before takeoff), of every place that had a window to be […]

Tape 120 – Why Make A Show?

  • Tape 120 – Why Make A Show?

Thank you all for your responses last week about the possible expansion of this newsletter into a two-tier system, one for free subscribers and one for paid, and your ideas for the various different things you might like to see in an “evolved” version of what this newsletter offers for you all. It was lovely […]

Tape 119 – Digging A Hole/Making A Plan

  • Tape 119 – Digging A Hole/Making A Plan

First up, thank you for all the lovely feedback on last week’s Tape! I don’t usually experiment with a more narrative approach to this newsletter, and I really enjoyed it and might write more entries like that going forwards, alongside the more regular “Here’s what’s on my mind this week” entries. With that in mind, […]

Tape 118 – Haircuts: Oh, There I Am

  • Tape 118 – Haircuts: Oh, There I Am

This week I got my hair cut, which is something I do periodically in order to make myself look slightly less shit. For this particular haircut, my barber wordlessly summoned a nervous-looking young man to his side, to which he stuck assiduously for the entire duration of the process, never once tearing his eyes away […]

Tape 117: Internal Instincts, External Briefs

  • Tape 117: Internal Instincts, External Briefs

Hail, friend! Well met! (I didn’t receive a single piece of negative feedback in response to my opening last week’s newsletter with the phrase “Well met!”, so I intend to continue doing it for at least another week, until I think of a different phrase I could use. If you strongly object to my continued […]

Tape 116: This Post Was Written By A Human Being

  • Tape 116: This Post Was Written By A Human Being

Hello, old friends! Well met! (This is a thing I’ve heard people say, I’m trying it out. So far, I don’t think much of it. Sounds a bit silly to me). Hope you’re all doing well! Apologies for the lack of a Therapy Tape last week – things got a bit busy. I’m back this […]

Tape 115: Hope For Cinema?

  • Tape 115: Hope For Cinema?

Those of my readers who follow the news about the creative industries, specifically film and TV, will know that everything feels quite perilous over in Hollywood at the moment thanks to the total stalemate over the WGA and SAG-AFTRA writers’ and actors’ strikes. For those not clued up, in a nutshell – writers and actors […]

Tape 114: “The Path To Mastery”

  • Tape 114: “The Path To Mastery”

I’m back! I had such a nice break. Thank you for all your warm wishes! I feel refreshed and creatively engaged and on top of the world. Nice feeling! Anyway, while I was away I read Roger Kneebone’s excellent book Expert: Understanding The Path To Mastery, which is about the psychological process of becoming an expert in […]

Tape 113: Rest

  • Tape 113: Rest

I’m a workaholic and, ironically, I’m trying my hardest to work on that. I think there’s a lot of misconceptions around workaholicism and what it entails, and to people unfamiliar with it, it maybe conjures up very corporate imagery – Robin Williams in the first act of Hook, maybe, someone constantly walking down corridors in sterile office […]

Tape 112: Art That Disappears

  • Tape 112: Art That Disappears

A few weeks ago Miranda and I were walking back from the White Cube in Bermondsey, where we’d seen an exhibition called Finnegans Wake by Anselm Kiefer (very spooky, like Tom Waits had gone mad in an apocalypse and started collecting things and piling them up real high), and came across an artist on the South Bank called Brad […]

Tape 111: Here Comes The Fringe Again

  • Tape 111: Here Comes The Fringe Again

Shhh. Can you hear it? Put down your cups and pens and saucers, and put your ear to the wall. Do you hear the rumbling? Coming up from the earth? It’s almost that time again. The Edinburgh Fringe is coming. Yes, in a week’s time artists around the world are bundling off to Edinburgh to […]

Tape 110: End Of An Ear

  • Tape 110: End Of An Ear

It is truly the end of an ear (or of an era, if you prefer to use the original phrase rather than its funnier counterpart). I have performed my most recent two live shows for the last time! I filmed Blink and Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. at Moth Club on Sunday for the […]

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