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Barry & Tony 2 & 3 - June 2024 June 4th, 2024

Having finally realised that the world of Online Content is the Future, John-Luke Roberts and I have decided to turn our beloved Barry & Tony sketch into a series. Parts 2 and 3 are out now, and you can enjoy them here: And here: Sorry they’re weird.

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Actor In A House Share - May 2024 May 13th, 2024

Another silly sketch for you all. I genuinely lived like this for about 5 years.

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Comedian Gets Mugged While Filming Content - April 2024 April 5th, 2024

I didn’t have this on my 2024 bingo card! A collab with Andy Barr:

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Bilal’s Britain - April 2024 April 2nd, 2024

I tried my best to please my overlords at Just Stop Oil and help Bilal Zafar to understand our cause, but I fear I failed. Anyway, I think our interview may enlighten others. Please share it far and wide.

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Amazing Prank!!! - March 2024 March 25th, 2024

Another dumb sketch, this one a collab with the amazing J0hn-Luke Roberts. Don’t worry, we’ve got no idea what it is either:

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Another sketch.

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You just HAVE to be on top of these big cultural moments, there is no excuse.

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How To Avoid A Sandworm In Dune - March 2024 March 13th, 2024

Some dumb sketch or something.

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People Who Think They’d Be Good On The Traitors - February 2024 February 27th, 2024

Some dumb sketch or something. Hope you enjoy it! Might genuinely apply, actually.

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Sound Heap Series 2 - February 2024 February 19th, 2024

John-Luke Roberts’ BBC Audio Drama Award-winning podcast-of-infinite-podcasts, Sound Heap, has launched its second series today, now hosted on the prestigious Maximum Fun network! As with Series 1, I’ll be popping up here and there throughout the series playing an assortment of oddballs. This first episode co-stars such legends as Bilal Zafar, Sooz Kempner, Kieran Hodgson and many […]

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