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Joz Norris


EyreLeigh Doors

EyreLeigh Doors

Joz Norris has it all – the most extraordinary, surreal comedy brain, a beloved mentor who celebrated him wholeheartedly (even when he was shit) and now, the chance to play Eyre Leigh Doors!

If you’re playing ELD Bingo, you can take a drink when the sadistic teacher appears (what is WITH that??) and the cabinet minister – find out what happened when Joz met Michael Gove.

This episode also includes accidentally parachuting into a burning car (as you do),  comedy on ice with your best mate and being saved from major head injury by a comedy moose costume.

It’s also got:

BRILLIANT behind the scenes info about Celebrity Squares – a bit of gossip that will genuinely delight you!

Career advice for Van Morrison

and terrible thievery that made Pauline both disgusted and excited. It’s Bowie-related (surprise!)

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