Blink is the unmissable new comedy show about control, connection and embarrassment from the winner of the 2019 Comedians’ Choice Award for Best Show, Joz Norris. Norris has decided to relaunch himself as a legendary magician. He is working on perfecting one trick, one of the hardest illusions ever attempted - he will make an entire audience think and blink in unison. He’s got everything under control this time, and all those versions of himself that got in the way in the past have been squashed right down. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Joz Blink Ace Card Shot_Enlarged-2_Higher Contrast and Darkened Hair Tuft.jpg

Blink was made possible thanks to a research & development grant from Arts Council England which enabled a collaborative, democratic creative process amongst the core creative team. In making this show, and documenting the process, I hope to deconstruct some of the damaging, limiting myths about solo show-making as a solitary pursuit, and to open up conversations about collaboration, teamwork and funding in live comedy. I believe a lot of people go into solo show-making in the mistaken pursuit of recognition of some sort of lone genius, but I think the best work tends to be made by teams and as a result of the sharing, questioning and challenging of ideas. Below are performance dates and ticket links, information about the creative team, links to diaries documenting the development process of the show, and a photo gallery of rehearsals and performances. All photos by Miranda Holms.

After sold-out performances at Leicester Comedy Festival, Soho Theatre, Machynlleth Comedy FestivalHow The Light Gets In Festival and Pleasance Islington, Blink will be at the Pleasance Dome for the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. Tickets below:


Making-Of Short:

Rehearsal & Performance Gallery: