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Joz Norris


Time Out: Weirdos Save Christmas

 By Time Out in Time Out Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2019
  • Time Out: Weirdos Save Christmas

Weirdos comedy collective has had a few years off from their wonderfully alternative panto, but this season they’re back and we couldn’t be happier. In previous shows they’ve reimagined Spielberg’s ‘Hook’, attempted to score a Christmas Number One and explored the history of KFC’s Colonel Sanders, because what’s more festive than a bucket o’ fried chicken? If you think that sounds ridiculous, then you’d be right. Silliness is the aim of their game and they’re damn good at it too.

This year a beloved local boozer is under threat of closure, so Weirdos endeavour to save it by creating the best Christmas dinner a pub has ever served. Naturally, there’s a magic chicken and talking nut roast involved, as well as spectacular cardboard creations that have become the crew’s trademark.

Weirdos’ main main Adam Larter has penned and directed the “big, outlandish, DIY” production, with the usual suspects cast, including Joz Norris, Eleanor Morton, Matthew Highton, Liberty Hodes, Ben Target, Ali Brice and a whole load more. And, as always, they’ll be donating proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

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