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Joz Norris


Blink (2022)

  • Blink (2022)

Blink was my first live show after the pandemic, and concerned my abandoning alternative comedy and retraining as the world’s greatest magician, sinking enormous costs (including, possibly, my soul) into the perfection of the world’s hardest magic trick – making an entire audience think and blink in unison. The show was co-created with Ben Target (who co-performed it with me), Miranda Holms and Alex Hardy, with movement direction by Grace Gibson and tech and sound design by Robert Wells. It was made with the help of a grant from Arts Council England, and played a sellout run at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, where it was named one of the Evening Standard’s Top 20 Comedy Shows of 2022. It also played two separate runs at Soho Theatre, as well as a short tour of comedy festivals nationwide, including Machynlleth, How The Light Gets In, Aberystwyth, Leicester and Brighton Fringe.

Blink at Soho Theatre: Trailer

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