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Joz Norris


The Girl Whisperer (2015)

  • The Girl Whisperer (2015)

A webseries written by me (co-written by Ralf Little for the first series) and starring me, Ralf Little, Harriet Kemsley, John Kearns, Roxy Dunn, Bec Hill, Luke McQueen and Matthew Highton. I play a naive, asexual weirdo who would really like to meet someone and fall in love, so consults a misogynistic womaniser (Little) for dating advice, leading to various disasters. In Series 2, my character abandons his search for romance, having finally made a friend (Kemsley), and the two of them embark on simply being weird together. This show was nominated for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Lead Actor at the LA Webseries Festival, and was an Official Selection at film festivals worldwide.

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