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Joz Norris


The Train On Platform 4

  • The Train On Platform 4

Back when I was working on my first ever radio show, it was going to be a live stand-up special and there was vague talk of recording it in the BBC Radio Theatre. Then Covid happened and plans changed and I rewrote it to be something very different. I was very proud of it but I did think “Shame, would’ve been nice to perform something in that theatre.”
Four years on I’ve ticked that one odd! Had a lovely time playing a few guest roles on the latest series of Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis’s sitcom “The Train On Platform 4,” with the cast of dreams – Rosie Cavaliero, Amy Gledhill, Steve and Hugh, Gemma Arrowsmith and Katie Norris. You’ll be able to hear it this summer, and in the meantime you can catch up with Series 1 here!

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