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Joz Norris


Awkward Prophet (2014)

  • Awkward Prophet (2014)

This was my second Fringe show, and played at the Underbelly, produced by Live Nation. In hindsight, I am not proud of it. I caved into a lot of pressure being produced by a big company and performing at a paid venue, and tried to make the sort of show I thought would sell well. I stripped out a lot of the weirder, more unusual ideas I was playing with in previews and focused in to make it a more broad, relatable show about the perils of dating when you’re a nervous weirdo (those weird ideas I was playing with in previews weren’t necessarily brilliant, but perhaps they might have led to a more interesting show if I had followed my instincts instead of second-guessing what audiences wanted). This show got a bunch of nice reviews, so it wasn’t terrible, but I do look back on it as a missed opportunity. There was a bit where I imagine myself as a divorced single dad that I still look back on fondly, though.

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