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Joz Norris


Joz Norris Has Gone Missing (2013)

  • Joz Norris Has Gone Missing (2013)

This was my debut Edinburgh Fringe show. Recently, Catherine Bohart and Helen Bauer screamed at me while recording their Trusty Hogs podcast to learn that I just did my debut immediately, without taking multiple years to build up to it with mixed bill shows, split hours etc. I didn’t know about any of that, I just knew people did shows at the Fringe so I wrote one and took it up. While there are lots of schools of thought that that’s a terrible and unstrategic way to do the Fringe, in a lot of ways I’m glad I did – it meant I could just do something fun that appealed to my sense of humour, get it out of the way, and then gradually focus in on what kind of shows I loved making, and hone my craft without the pressure of industry scrutiny. This was a very stupid show in which I played three characters – a crap superhero who sounded like Terry Wogan, a garden spider who had been turned into a little boy by a genie, and a deluded wannabe rockstar comedian – who pratted about and did big comedy setpieces. I performed it in a free fringe venue that continued functioning as a pub even while I was in the corner performing my show. Madness.

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