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Joz Norris


Joz Norris Is Matt Fisher: Uberperson (2012)

  • Joz Norris Is Matt Fisher: Uberperson (2012)

Before I did my “official” Fringe debut, I did do one other show to sort of test the ground and find out what the Fringe was all about, so I didn’t immediately leap into things, although I more or less did. I came up to do a 45-minute show for a short one-week run, about a deluded wannabe rockstar comedian trying to make the greatest show of all time who has no idea how bad he is. It was at midnight in a bar on the wrong side of town, all of which played into the show’s delusional qualities all the better. Madly enough, I ended up filling the room pretty much every day, and got reviewed despite being a total nobody doing a midnight show in an unknown venue. The reviewer loved it, and I got my first sense that maybe this was something I could do. I came back immediately with my full Fringe debut. Foolish? Perhaps. Fun? Definitely. I just took the long way round.

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