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Joz Norris


You Build The Thing You Think You Are (2020)

  • You Build The Thing You Think You Are (2020)

Initially conceived as a new live show for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2020, You Build The Thing You Think You Are was developed as part of an artist’s residency with Battersea Arts Centre, but was subsequently adapted into a feature film shot indoors and alone during lockdown (before Bo Burnham’s Inside, but not as good). A house move causes me to feel like I’ve lost my identity and transformed into a mischievous Troll, prompting reflections on homes and identities. The film was written, performed and directed by me, with creative direction from Alex Hardy, and co-starring Katy Mitchell, Thom Tuck and Tom Bell. It was produced by Martin Willis for Objectively Funny Procutions, and the Guardian called it one of the highlights of the lockdown comedy boom, saying it “really does capture the spirit of creative live comedy.” It’s now available to purchase and download from the Go Faster Stripe online store, here.

You Build The Thing You Think You Are Trailer

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