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Joz Norris

  • Job Pig: Character Taster

In the end-of-year spirit of celebrating things, in 2023 I pitched a scripted series about Job Pig, a fictional indentured servitude/flexible working app in the mould of TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Taskr, etc, and a guy who becomes exploited by it despite being woefully incapable of completing any task ever.

In the end, we didn’t end up getting to make the series, but along the way I was asked to film a short DIY taster video introducing the character and establishing the tone of the thing. As it looks like it won’t be made, I thought I’d release it so that hopefully it still ends up making a few people laugh! PS This taster is obviously a bit shonky as me and my girlfriend shot it all at home ourselves, but I think it has the spirit of what I imagined the series would feel like, and I hope you all enjoy it.

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