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Joz Norris


Thanks Mach Comedy Fest. You’re always the best. I forgot to take many photos. Loved seeing so many friends and so many wonderful shows. Loved sharing my new show with such an amazing audience. Loved being a life drawing model. Did not love running from the courtyard to the sign in 3 minutes, felt like I was going to die.
The next outing of my new show is at the wonderful Bill Murray in a few weeks! It’s shaping up to be something I’m very proud of. Would love another nice big audience to roll it out in front of, so get booking!
Also, for those who check this website on the regs, apologies it’s been a bit quiet here recently. I went on holiday, then got swallowed up in a theatre job. I’m back to regular service now, so will post news updates here more regularly. For now though, thanks to all who made Machfest a delight, and book your tickets to the next show!

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