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Joz Norris


I’m directing TWO shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year! First, Edy Hurst’s Wonderfull Discoverie Of Witches In The Countie Of Himself, a comedy theatre show about the Lancashire witch trials, neurodiversity and the Vengaboys’ Party Album.
Second, Cerys Bradley’s Queer Tales For Autistic Folk, an interactive choose-your-own storytelling show exploring the lands between the neurodiverse experience and Welsh folk myths. Also if you make the right/wrong choices you get to do a Tough Mudder.
They’re both work-in-progress runs, but are already shaping up to be really fun, inventive, brilliant shows by wonderful artists. It’s my pleasure to be working on them.
And I’ll be involved in bringing one other WIP show to the Fringe this year, but more on that another time.

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