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Joz Norris


Eggbox: A Night Of Comedy Short Films And Script Readings

  • Eggbox: A Night Of Comedy Short Films And Script Readings

I’m wrapping up this year by launching a new live project at King’s Place – Eggbox, a place for the comedy filmmaking community to screen their work, and have new writing read out in front of a live audience. This 1st one is on Friday the 8th of December and will be a banger so book ahead! Tickets and more information are available here.
For this 1st one we’ll be presenting the premiere of mine and Miranda Holms’s short film “Who’s A Nice Boy?” along with more shorts from Jazz Emu & Sam Campbell; Uncle Shortbread; Tom Bell; Goodbear and Ada Player & Bron Waugh. There’ll also be a performance of my latest script “The Happiness Chain” along with more new writing from Miranda and Nat Luurtsema. It’s gonna be really good, so do come along, you’ll have a great time.
The world of comedy filmmaking is lovely, but there’s far less instantaneous feedback than in the live community. You can maybe make only one or two high-quality projects in a year, and you don’t get to try them out routinely in front of people. That also means it’s harder and rarer to get a sense of who else is making cool stuff, and to build a sense of making it together. There are some great film nights that do build community and showcase work in that way, and I hope this can grow into another one!

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